Press Release.

Mel Rees


Hi Everyone

Welcome to the first Newsletter under new hands, namely Sharon & Yvonne’s. Horst handed the task over to us 3 months ago, so we’re sorry it’s taken us so long to get the first one going, but we’ve been concentrating on trying to get some events on the go, which I think we’ve managed to do!!!!

Firstly we’ll try to keep it fairly short so there’s not too much to plough through, although there’s lots to tell you all………

Secondly we’ll send a couple of Newsletters hopefully very close to one another, to ensure you’re all well informed of what’s been happening from your club over the last few months, well since last February actually! Then we will try to send them in a more timely fashion to inform you of what’s going on in the future too.

Thirdly, we’re having some difficulties including photos in with the Newsletter, so this time there won’t be any to brighten it up, sorry. It’s a case of just reading rather than looking at the pretty pictures ;-) What we do hope to do however, as there are quite a few photos of the things we’ve been up to, is not only to include them on future Newsletters, but to make up a board which will be on display at your Centre – so watch out for it!

In January we put out questionnaire’s to as many members as we could, to find out just what you want your club to be and what you’d like to do. The response was good as we had just over a third of the members filling them out. Thank you. The results of which are on our dedicated Events Notice Board which has been installed for us. So it’s now easy to go the Board to keep abreast of what’s happening and put your name down for as many events as you like. You are all most welcome to join the fun and frolics!

We have had many events and outings since January so here is a quick view of what we’ve done, some of them will be more detailed the next Newsletter, and of course the photos will be seen when we can get them sorted!

In the Centre: Quizzes, Games pm, Members FREE Spring Party, Easter Bonnet Competition along with a Singalong of Musicals, Beetle Drive, Entertainers of various sorts.

Trips: Out to Lunch, Teapot Island, Theatre Guild production, Bluebell Woods, Theatre in Tunbridge Wells, Seaside & Gardens. These have all been enjoyed and there are many more events to come, one being a Warner’s Break near Xmas.

Sunday Solos: This is every last Sunday of the month. Members who are on their own can meet up at a pub for lunch and enjoy some company. See the noticeboard for details.

Don’t forget next Wednesday 27th there will be a comedic speaker coming to entertain us for an hour at 2pm, with tea and cake afterwards. Please do come and enjoy it, it is for YOU. Non-members are also welcome on this one.

These events are held for YOU ALL, however we do need more support to hold them successfully. Please support us and get your friends to come too.